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It started with a sore neck, so severe that I could no longer look left or right without suffering pain. I tried physio’s, chiropractors, osteopaths and massages but it wasn’t working for me. No treatment was lasting longer than a day or two before the pain would came back.

I went to see a Bowen Therapist and was amazed that with a few simple gentle moves, my neck could move again, completely pain free, and stayed that way. 

Since that day, I was intrigued by this method. I have continued with regular treatments and am forever grateful that I came across this modality. My body feels strong, balanced and healthy. 

I truly believe that this can help all. So I gave up a 30 year professional career to learn this technique to help others. Supported by my family and friends, this is the most rewarding decision ever. 


Through stimulating fascia and nerve receptors, Bowen moves initiate a series of responses that allow the body to unwind from long-held tension and to revert to its original, balanced state.

Therapeutic wait times between moves allows the nervous system a chance to process the sensory information and make adjustments.

owen therapy honours the innate intelligence of the body as recognised in all the traditional healing arts.

People of all ages respond to Bowen therapy according to what their bodies need in order to find wellbeing.